Model Sport - tradition meets precision

Model Sport
A classic ist back to the range of products made by Feinwerkbau. Produced on most modern machining centers, with the experience of several generations, the model "Sport" sets new standards for highest demands in the segment of long air range rifles. Feinwerkbau - tradition meets precision!

Avaiable in a 18 Joule and 7,5 Joule Version!

Following qualities are the highlights of this rifle:
  • high quality checkering allows a secure grip of the rifle
  • butt plate made of rubber, with shock absorbing characteristic
  • front sight clamped on the dove tail, removable
  • symmetrical ambidextrous stock made of beech wood, for an ergonomic handling of the rifle
  • dove tail (11 mm) for mounting a rifle scope
  • automatic safety slide, the safety can be disengaged comfortable before the shot
  • adjustable rear-sight with four different cuts

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