Our company history

Feinwerkbau was founded after the Second World War by senior engineers Karl Westinger and Ernst Altenburger.
Until 1960, the production and delivery of precision parts for well-known companies was the main source of income for the young company.
In addition, an electromechanical calculating machine was developed, which was considered state-of-the-art at the time and was manufactured in large quantities by the Olympia factory in Wilhelmshaven. Until 1975, all Olympia calculators were developed in Oberndorf until they were ready for series production.

After the re-establishment of the German Shooting Association, the two founders of the company, both experienced gunmakers, developed the first competition air rifle with side cocking, a fixed sight line and a patented recoil system for a vibration-free shot.
This air rifle was sold for the first time in 1961 and within a very short time almost all existing records were broken.
Due to the increasing precision of sporting rifles, the targets for sport shooting were reduced in size, but the highest results were still achieved with Feinwerkbau air rifles.
The same happened with Feinwerkbau air pistols from 1965.

The great demand for Feinwerkbau sporting rifles made it possible to expand the company, to optimize production and, above all, to further develop high-precision sporting rifles.
In line with contemporary developments, the spring-operated air rifles were followed by CO2 rifles and pistols, as well as sporting rifles with pre-compressed air and today with compressed air.
The AW93 sporting pistol with recoil absorption and a range of small caliber rifles complete the Feinwerkbau range of sporting weapons.

To this day, the name Feinwerkbau is inextricably linked with countless successes in sport shooting and stands for innovation, precision, quality and passion in shooting sports.
In addition to sporting guns, Feinwerkbau still manufactures high-precision parts, small series and assemblies for well-known companies in many different industries.

The management and employees are highly motivated and work every day with passion and extreme care to produce precise, high quality products.

Feinwerkbau produces exclusively at its location in Oberndorf and therefore offers quality products that rightly bear the "Made in Germany" seal of quality!

Feinwerkbau currently employs about 115 people.


In the immediate post-war period, the two former Mauser chief engineers, Karl Westinger and Ernst Altenburger, worked during the week in external companies.
After work, they developed a modern balancing machine with a combined electric and manual drive.
A mechanic was hired to build the prototype of this machine in an attic room in the so-called "Oberen Werk" in Oberndorf a.N., while the two engineers continued to earn the necessary money from outside.


After the Second World War, the French occupying power had determined that no metalworking company should be set up in Oberndorf.
Therefore, on April 1, 1949, the two company founders set up a small business called "Feinwerkbau Westinger & Altenburger" in the Hohenzollern enclave of Dettingen near Horb with a few workers from Oberndorf.


The restrictions imposed by the occupying power were gradually eased and the company was able to relocate to Oberndorf.

Industrial subsidies from the city and state made it easier to move to a hut in the "Erlen" area on Neckarstraße in 1950.

With just under 10 employees, calculating machines were designed and sample devices from Olympia Werke AG in Wilhelmshaven, which had taken over serial production, were manufactured. In addition, around 65 people manufactured precision cutting tools - the number of employees increased and by 1952 there were almost 100.


The company Feinwerkbau Westinger & Altenburger GmbH was entered in the commercial register B 49 at its registered office at Neckarstraße 43 in Oberndorf a.N.. The object of the company was the "construction of machines, tools and devices of all kinds as well as the design and development of technical innovations in the field of mechanical engineering".


The two engineers Karl Westinger (*1900) and Ernst Altenburger (*1905) developed pioneering new designs for sport shooters from the end of the 1950s.

In 1961, the first recoilless air rifle with a fixed barrel and side cocking mechanism was launched on the market.


In addition to air rifles, the company now also manufactures air pistols - the company's first LP 65 model is sold by the tens of thousands and is still being fired today thanks to the long-term supply of spare parts.


The sons of the company founders - Rolf Westinger (01.06.1971), Gerhard Westinger (12.08.1968), Jörg Altenburger (01.09.1971) and Reiner Altenburger (16.05.1975) - join the company and later take over the management of Feinwerkbau Westinger & Altenburger.


Company founder Karl Westinger passes away at the age of 75.


The second company founder, Ernst Altenburger, dies at the age of 86.


The third generation of company founders joins the company - Michael Westinger starts work at Feinwerkbau on November 1 after completing his commercial training and studying business administration.


The Altenburger family decides to sell its shares in the company.
The company is re-named to "Feinwerkbau GmbH".
Thanks to a careful succession plan, the structure of an owner-managed family business is retained and all employees support the change of name.


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