Air Pistol / Air Pistol Benchrest

Shooting with an air pistol is an Olympic discipline and is one of the shooting and precision sports.
The shooter aims at the center of a target from a distance of ten meters. The so-called "ten" measures 11.5 mm in diameter and the lower rings follow at a distance of 16 mm each.

Sport shooting with the air pistol usually takes place "standing freehand" - i.e. the air pistol is held with an outstretched arm and only one hand.
Before the actual competition time, the athletes have 15 minutes for an unlimited number of practice shots. This is followed by 60 competition shots.

Exceptions to this apply to shooters entering age group III (aged 51 and over). They can take part in the shooting disciplines of the so-called senior classes. Shooting is either standing or sitting, whereby in both cases the pistol may be placed on a support. In benchrest competitions, 30 shots are fired within 45 minutes.

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