Air Rifle

Air rifle shooting is an Olympic discipline and is one of the shooting and precision sports. It requires a high degree of concentration, a very steady hand and, of course, precision.
From a distance of ten meters, the shooter must hit the middle of a target if possible. The so-called "ten" has a diameter of 0.5 mm, whereby a tolerance of 0.1 mm is permitted in both directions. The other rings each have a distance of 2.5 mm from the previous one.

In the shooting competition, 60 competition shots are usually fired in a maximum time of 75 minutes. In the Olympic air rifle program, all shots are fired in the (free) standing position.

For pupils and young people, competitions are held in the three-position shooting competition. One third of the competition time is spent in the kneeling, prone and (free) standing positions.

900 ALU
Sophisticated technical features and a clear, timeless design are combined in the new 900 model series from Feinwerkbau.
900 W
The unique feel of a wooden stock combined with the comfortable adjustment options that are otherwise only known from aluminum stocks. The 900 W model.
800 X
The model 800 X impresses with well-thought-out product features and numerous setting options.
800 W
The 800 W model combines the advantages of a wooden stock with the convenient adjustment options that are otherwise only offered by an aluminium stock.
800 ALU
The innovative system of the 800 series in an aluminium stock with various possible settings.
The innovative system of the 800 series in the proven stock made of warp-free laminated wood.
The 800 Evolution Top model is the ideal air rifle for versatile and flexible use with high-quality basic equipment.
The economical alternative for all shooters who value the precision of the 800 series and want to combine it with versatility.
Various adjustment poxxibilities, als well as the full-fledged system of the 800 series, enabel young talents to achieve the best results at the shooting range.
500 / 500 Shark
The Model 500 air rifle combines easy handling with the proven quality and precision of Feinwerkbau - and all at an affordable entry-level price.

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