Shooting with Light

Speed, coordination, skill and concentration!

Even children under the age of twelve can be introduced to shooting sports with a light rifle or light pistol.  With light rifles and light pistols, it is possible to make the variety offered by sport shooting even more attractive, varied and interesting, especially for children aged eight to eleven.  
This ideally combines the basics in the areas of coordination, concentration, endurance, knowledge and strength in light shooting. In addition, fine motor skills are promoted and children can take part in a variety of sporting activities in clubs and federations, regardless of their physical constitution.

Light shooting is an important tool for basic training, making it easier for clubs to work with young shooters right from the start.  
Light rifles and light pistols are not weapons within the meaning of the Weapons Act. Therefore, the legal weapons regulations do not apply. In particular, no age limits apply, so that training with these sports equipment is possible even before the age of twelve.

In the high-quality aluminium stock, the simulator offers wider adjustment ranges and thus even more flexible use in youth work.
The simulator in a wooden stock offers best condistions for the shooter's offspring in a professional training in light shooting at an affordable price.
In this simulator pistol high-quality components out of the match-sector are used.

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