Small Bore Rifle

Single-shot weapons that fire rimfire cartridges in 5.6 mm (.22 lfb/lr) caliber are permitted in the "small bore rifle" discipline.

The target is 50 m away from the shooter and the "ten" measures 10.4 mm in diameter.
The lower rings follow at a distance of 8mm each - if you compare the distance to the target and the diameter of the "ten", this is smaller than with an air rifle.

Part of the Olympic competitions is the "3x40" program - 40 shots are fired in each of the kneeling, prone and standing positions within the specified competition time.

2800 ALU
The flagship in the range of small-bore rifles for best results in shooting sport.
The same technical features as the 2800 Alu model - in addition, the X-Change model offers unrivalled fast butt stock changes!
2800 W
The 2800 W model combines the advantages of a wooden stock with the convenient adjustment options of an aluminium stock.

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