Sporting Pistol

Semi-automatic pistols that use rimfire cartridges in caliber 5.6mm (.22 lfB/lr) are also used for shooting with the sport pistol. The maximum weight of the weapon is 1,400 g, the trigger pull weight is at least 1,000 g. Special shooting clothing is not permitted in this discipline.

The distance between the target and the shooter is 25 meters and targets with a 50mm "ten" are used. The distance to each of the lower rings is 50 mm.

In the Olympic discipline "25 m pistol", a precision round is followed by a duel round, in which five shots are fired six times in five minutes each. Six series of five shots are also required here - however, each shot must be fired within a time window of three seconds. No shots may then be fired for seven seconds. Missed shots count as misses and are scored as "zero" - a shot is counted as a hit if at least a 10.2 is achieved.

In the "25 m rapid fire pistol" discipline, which is also an Olympic discipline, two rounds of 30 shots each are carried out. Each round consists of six series - two series each in eight, six and four seconds for five shots. A shot is counted as a hit if it is at least a 9.7.

AW 93
The sporting pistol AW 93 comes with a system for the balance of masses and provides a unique feeling for the shot.

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