Summer Biathlon / Target Sprint

Endurance, strength and speed are just as important in this dynamic discipline as concentration and tactical skill when shooting. The unusual combination of two completely contrasting individual disciplines makes this sport more varied and interesting than almost any other in shooting sports.

The aim is to cover a given distance in as short a time as possible while completing a varying number of shooting stages with as few mistakes as possible.
In the summer biathlon, the weapons remain in weapon racks at the shooting range and the course is completed as a cross-country run.
Competitions are held in the sprint (distance: 3 - 4 kilometers), the relay (distance: 3 x 2.4 kilometers) and the mass start (distance: 5 - 6 kilometers).  

The Target Sprint is still a relatively young discipline that has been held as an international championship under the umbrella of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) since 2017.
Target Sprint is held over a short distance of three 400-meter rounds. After the first and second rounds, the athlete must complete a standing shooting stage before crossing the finish line after the third round. In contrast to the summer biathlon, all Target Sprint competitions are held as mass start races in which a maximum of 12 athletes compete against each other in one run. The length of the course and the mode of operation are the same for all age groups.  
When shooting, up to ten shots, which must be reloaded individually, are fired twice for five targets to be hit. If not all targets have been hit after the tenth shot, the athlete must serve a time penalty of 10 seconds in the so-called "penalty box" before the next round can be completed.

In the compressed air disciplines of summer biathlon and target sprint, the size of the target area is 15 mm (prone) or 35 mm (standing) at a distance of ten meters.

The P 75 model from Feinwerkbau is the ideal companion for summer biathlon sports.

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