On request, the 900 and 2800 model series can be ordered ex works with precision sights from Centra.

Centra Feinwerktechnik was founded in 1958 by Helmut Brunner and is now managed by the founder's daughter. The company is known for high-quality shooting accessories in the field of sighting technology and all aspects of sporting weapons.

All components are "Made in Germany" and great importance is attached to precision, functionality and design of the high-tech components.

The Centra "SPY Long" diopter (or "SPY BR" for bench rest rifles) is extremely narrow and compact. This enables an ideal spatial acquisition for balanced standing freehand and laid up. The "SPY" series sights are ideal for shooting in windy conditions and are equipped with a lens hood that can also be used as a support element for the "Duplex".
The "SPY Long" sight has 24 clicks (approx. 0.2 mm per click at 10 m), the "SPY BR" has 48 clicks (approx. 0.1 mm at 10 m).

The precision sights are completed with the "Centra Score" front sight tunnel (or "Centra Score Plus" for bench rest rifles) M22 with a clear front sight. The front sight tunnel can be swiveled steplessly around its own axis without tools and enables a pleasantly elegant sight picture.

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