Special colours

On request, you can get your air rifle and small bore rifle not only in the standard colors offered, but you can also choose from 13 special colours.

With this option, the aluminium parts of the stock are anodized and thus permanently dyed. Anodizing is a process for the surface treatment of aluminium. The aluminium part is immersed in an electrolyte solution and an electric current flows through it as an anode. This process creates an oxidic layer on the surface of the aluminium, which not only provides corrosion protection, but can also be dyed in various colours. The resulting anodized layer is significantly more resistant than a paint finish and gives the aluminium an attractive appearance with a sophisticated feel.

Discover the variety of possibilities and transform your sporting rifle into a real eye-catcher - durable, individual and in the colour of your choice.

At Feinwerkbau you can choose from the following special colours:

The following models can be ordered in special colours on request:
900 Alu / 900 Alu Benchrest / 900 Alu Hybrid
800 X / 800 X Benchrest
2800 Alu / 2800 Alu X-Change / 2800 Alu Benchrest

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