Shortened butt stock

At Feinwerkbau, we know that every shooter is unique and therefore has different requirements when it comes to the adjustment options for their sporting rifle.

The length of pull (also known as "LOP") is an important factor in sport shooting. The length of pull defines the distance between the trigger blade and the lowest point of the butt plate and is an important measure for the ergonomic adjustment of the rifle to the shooter.

The correct firing length is of decisive importance in sport shooting, as it has a direct effect on repeat accuracy, comfort, control and individualization of the shooting position. Careful adjustment of the firing length therefore has a positive effect on the results that can be achieved in training and competition.

The air rifles of the 900 Alu model series and the small bore rifles of the 2800 Alu model series from Feinwerkbau offer numerous possibilities for individual adjustment of the firing length:

Even in the standard version, our sporting rifles have a generous adjustment range for the firing length between 309 mm and 361 mm*.

If a longer stop length is required, this can be set in the range between 340 mm and 392 mm using the available "long rack set" (order number

For an even greater adjustment range, the "extra long rack set" (order number offers the option of setting the stop length in the range between 365 mm and 417 mm.

A shortened rack set for end caps is available in our range of accessories (order number

This allows a shortened stop length of between 306 mm and 339 mm to be achieved*.

On the 900 Alu and 2800 Alu models, the aluminum stocks can be ordered shortened by 30 mm ex works.
This option is supplied with the shortened rack set.

The shortened butt stock shifts the center of gravity of the rifle closer to the shooter and the firing length can be reduced to up to 282 mm*.

If the intermediate piece for tilting the butt plate is removed in this configuration, the firing length can be reduced even further to an unrivaled 256 mm*.

* For all variants, the trigger foot, which is used to hold the trigger blade, can also be mounted rotated by 180°. This allows the stop length to be shortened by a further 7 mm.

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